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Jeff Berman

Properly marketing a law firm online is all about building your reputation and educating your potential clients. It’s about producing relevant content that helps a prospective client understand your expertise and how you are able to help them. Finally, it’s about getting that content found by the people you are trying to help.

I like to think about online marketing in the context of gaining or losing weight. It isn’t something that happens overnight, in a week, or even in one month. It’s a series of small activities and best practices that build on each other over time. In order to build a lasting online presence, you need to establish good habits and execute on them every day.

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Extracting Value Out Of Your Work

Posted in Law Practice Management
I came across this interesting video from Dan Ariely. The video discusses how we derive meaning from the work that we do.  More specifically, it points out that without a sense of growth, purpose, and progress work is unmeaningful and people become disenfranchised. It’s always been my belief that motivation fades quickly when you are… Continue Reading

Me On The Web: Google’s Tool For Online Reputation Management

Posted in Professional Reputation
A lawyer’s professional reputation is critically important and managing your reputation online can be cumbersome if you aren’t using the proper tools.  Fortunately, Google has created a tool to help streamline management of your reputation online.  It’s called Me On The Web and it’s accessible from your dashboard when you login to your Google profile.… Continue Reading

Choosing A Domain Name For Your Law Firm

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites, Search Engine Optimization
Choosing a domain name is an important decision when setting up your website.  The domain you choose has far reaching implications extending from your visibility in search results to your use of the domain in offline advertising and marketing.  Unlike in the offline, brick-and-mortar world, websites don’t offer any visual cues about what exactly they… Continue Reading

3 Crucial Facebook Security Adjustments Lawyers Should Consider

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Professional Reputation, Social Media
The following is a guest post by social media consultant Lior Levin. Everyone has moments in their past that they wish they could hide from the professional world. Unfortunately, Facebook friends have a way of bringing up those past indiscretions for everyone to see. The whole objective behind Facebook is to exchange information with friends,… Continue Reading

What Do People Look For To Trust Your Website?

Posted in Law Firm Websites
I came across an interesting article discussing the filters people use when they first arrive at a website.  The article discussed a study performed by Elizabeth Sillence.  The study researched how people react to and trust (or mistrust) health websites.  When analyzing what people look for in order to establish trust, the article broke it… Continue Reading

An Important Part Of Your Blog Posts You Probably Are Ignoring

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites
It’s common knowledge amongst bloggers that crafting an interesting, catchy headline can help to increase the click-throughs and readership of your article.  It’s also well known that incorporating photos into your posts is a great way to grab your reader’s attention (If this wasn’t well-known to you then it is now).   But there is… Continue Reading

Teaching Is The New Marketing

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Marketing
I’ve been reading a book called Rework by the founders of 37Signals (creators of Basecamp an online project management software).  They have a refreshing view and approach to running a small business. In one section of the book the authors discuss the concept of out-teaching the competition.  The idea is that through education-based marketing, you can… Continue Reading

Getting Work Done

Posted in Law Practice Management
I got up early today and started to crank out some work.  I was motivated because today was a day I didn’t have to speak with co-workers or talk to our clients.  I could sit down and just get some stuff done.  I came across a great talk by Jason Fried, the co-founder of 37Signals… Continue Reading

SEO Doesn’t Create Demand For Your Legal Services

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Practice Management, Search Engine Optimization
photo © 2008 | more info (via: Wylio) I was speaking with an attorney last week that had called to inquire about SEO services for his firm.  His firm concentrated mostly on bankruptcy and debt issues.  He was tired of the bankruptcy work and wanted to move into a much more specialized, “new” niche… Continue Reading

Can Potential Clients Reach You?

Posted in Law Practice Management
Marketing a law firm is difficult.  You work hard to build relationships and provide good service so you get word of mouth referrals.  You attend networking events and seminars.  You pour money, time, and resources into your web presence and blog so that people with legal issues reach out to contact you.  You finally hit… Continue Reading

Controlling Fear

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Networking
I was reading a post from a blog on evolutionary psychology discussing fear.  In the post, they quote 50 Cent (I know…bear with me) and Robert Greene from their book The 50th Law: In the beginning, fear was a basic, simple emotion for the human animal. We confronted something overwhelming — the imminent threat of… Continue Reading

Google Experimenting With Local Results On Generic Search Terms

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
I’ve read that at any given time, Google is running hundreds of experiments with various search results.  Sometimes you notice one of these experiments in the wild.  It’s interesting to analyze such an experiment and consider where Google might be headed with it’s search results. It’s no secret that Google Places, or the Google 7-Pack,… Continue Reading

Taxi Drivers, Credit Cards, & Generating More Clients Online

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites
There was an interesting post on Seth Godin’s blog recently discussing taxi drivers.  The post describes how taxi drivers in New York were initially reluctant to start accepting credit cards.  They thought the credit card fees would be too expensive and they would lose money.  As it turns out, the tips increased……dramatically.  Seth explains: Because most… Continue Reading