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On The Florida Bar Guidelines for Networking Sites Approved by The Standing Committee on Advertising

Posted in Ethics, Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites, Marketing
Silly. Child-like. These are just a couple of ways The Florida Bar Guidelines for Networking Sites Approved by The Standing Committee on Advertising have recently been described. And as I wrote in Solely Social or Used to Promote?, they demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding about how we communicate. You see, the Florida Bar would prefer to… Continue Reading

Choosing A Domain Name For Your Law Firm

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites, Search Engine Optimization
Choosing a domain name is an important decision when setting up your website.  The domain you choose has far reaching implications extending from your visibility in search results to your use of the domain in offline advertising and marketing.  Unlike in the offline, brick-and-mortar world, websites don’t offer any visual cues about what exactly they… Continue Reading

What Do People Look For To Trust Your Website?

Posted in Law Firm Websites
I came across an interesting article discussing the filters people use when they first arrive at a website.  The article discussed a study performed by Elizabeth Sillence.  The study researched how people react to and trust (or mistrust) health websites.  When analyzing what people look for in order to establish trust, the article broke it… Continue Reading

Down On The Farm

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites, Professional Reputation, Search Engine Optimization
Green Acres we are here! Have you been content farming? Your website (and professional reputation) may be suffering. If you follow what’s going on in the world of search engine marketing, you likely have heard something about Google’s Recent Panda-Farmers-Content Update: Many of the changes we make are so subtle that very few people notice… Continue Reading

An Important Part Of Your Blog Posts You Probably Are Ignoring

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites
It’s common knowledge amongst bloggers that crafting an interesting, catchy headline can help to increase the click-throughs and readership of your article.  It’s also well known that incorporating photos into your posts is a great way to grab your reader’s attention (If this wasn’t well-known to you then it is now).   But there is… Continue Reading

Dear Webmaster, Can You Please Update My Title Tags?

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites
In working with attorneys in developing their web strategies, there can be many challenges. Bridging the general search marketing knowledge gap, encouraging time for content development, and helping them understand the specific strategies that will make the most sense for them. However, there is very little more frustrating than working with a website that requires… Continue Reading

ABA Law Firm Website Ethics

Posted in Ethics, Law Firm Websites
In August of this year, the ABA Standing Committe On Ethics And Professional Responsibility released Formal Opinion 10-457 on Lawyer Websites. While following the guidelines of the opinion may not make you completely compliant with your state bar’s rules on law firm websites, it does provide some excellent guidance of what you should be considering… Continue Reading

Taxi Drivers, Credit Cards, & Generating More Clients Online

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites
There was an interesting post on Seth Godin’s blog recently discussing taxi drivers.  The post describes how taxi drivers in New York were initially reluctant to start accepting credit cards.  They thought the credit card fees would be too expensive and they would lose money.  As it turns out, the tips increased……dramatically.  Seth explains: Because most… Continue Reading

Legal Website Myopia

Posted in Law Firm Websites
Similar to its refractive defect of the eye cousin, website myopia limits our vision.  However, instead of requiring us to press our noses to our monitors, myopia of the website limits our ability realize the full benefits of web-based professional reputation development.… Continue Reading

Florida Website Rules Update

Posted in Law Firm Websites
Thanks to Pete Boyd of PaperStreet (not the soap company) for this update on the Florida Bar’s pausing of the website rules: At the direction of the Supreme Court of Florida, the Florida Bar filed a petition on June 1, 2010 to adopt additional amendments to Rule 4-7.6 regarding websites, Case No. SC10-1014.  The amendments,… Continue Reading

The Internet as a Research (I Mean Marketing) Tool

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites
One of the most fundamental advantages of search marketing and, more generally, Internet marketing, is the ability to communicate to potential clients who are researching a particular topic related to your field of practice. The Internet began as a research tool, and despite attempts to turn it into a “cesspool” where false information thrives, this… Continue Reading