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Extracting Value Out Of Your Work

Posted in Law Practice Management
I came across this interesting video from Dan Ariely. The video discusses how we derive meaning from the work that we do.  More specifically, it points out that without a sense of growth, purpose, and progress work is unmeaningful and people become disenfranchised. It’s always been my belief that motivation fades quickly when you are… Continue Reading

Client Review Sites

Posted in Law Practice Management, Local, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media
As the web and search engines continue to become more local and social, more and more small business owners are understanding the benefits of online customer reviews. Online customer reviews can serve as the difference-maker for consumers in choosing between products and services online. Further, these online reviews are playing an increasing role in search… Continue Reading

Law Firm Testimonials And Law Firm SEO

Posted in Ethics, Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Practice Management, Local, Search Engine Optimization
Law firm testimonials are becoming much more important to effective law firm seo. As search engines and the web become more and more local and social, client ratings, reviews, and testimonials play an increasingly important role in terms of building visibility online. But how can legal professionals increase the quality and quantity of online reviews?… Continue Reading

Getting Work Done

Posted in Law Practice Management
I got up early today and started to crank out some work.  I was motivated because today was a day I didn’t have to speak with co-workers or talk to our clients.  I could sit down and just get some stuff done.  I came across a great talk by Jason Fried, the co-founder of 37Signals… Continue Reading

SEO Doesn’t Create Demand For Your Legal Services

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Practice Management, Search Engine Optimization
photo © 2008 | more info (via: Wylio) I was speaking with an attorney last week that had called to inquire about SEO services for his firm.  His firm concentrated mostly on bankruptcy and debt issues.  He was tired of the bankruptcy work and wanted to move into a much more specialized, “new” niche… Continue Reading

Can Potential Clients Reach You?

Posted in Law Practice Management
Marketing a law firm is difficult.  You work hard to build relationships and provide good service so you get word of mouth referrals.  You attend networking events and seminars.  You pour money, time, and resources into your web presence and blog so that people with legal issues reach out to contact you.  You finally hit… Continue Reading

Biz Dev

Posted in Law Practice Management, Marketing
Great post by Nancy Myrland on the “s” word.  Nancy writes: I’ve been working in legal, professional services and other service-based marketing for a long time. Nowhere is there a stigma against the term “selling” as strong as there is in legal and professional services.  It somehow feels dirty, slimy, something others do, but not… Continue Reading

How Your Firm Can Use The Perceptual Contrast Effect To Influence Prospects

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Practice Management
What Is The Perceptual Contrast Effect? offers us the following description of the perceptual contrast effect: When we make decisions, we tend to do it by contrasting between the decision item and reference items. When two things appear close to one another, we will tend to evaluate them against one another more than against… Continue Reading

How Purchasing An Engagement Ring Changed The Way I Think About Marketing

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Practice Management, Networking
Seth Godin wrote a post the other day entitled Betting on smarter (or betting on dumber).  In the post he explains the following: Marketers fall into one of two categories: A few benefit when they make their customers smarter. The more the people they sell to know, the more informed, inquisitive, free-thinking and alert they are,… Continue Reading