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It’s really just the rules of dealing with people in the real world, translated online.

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Legal Technology, Networking
While it’s well-over 2 years old, NYT Small Business writer, Kermit Pattison’s post Managing an Online Reputation, remains one of the most insightful articles on the subject of building and nurturing your business and your professional reputation online: Your customers are talking about you — and the whole world is listening. In the time since… Continue Reading

Questions To Ask Your Law Firm SEO Consultant

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Legal Technology, Search Engine Optimization, SEO
Whether you are trying to decide whether you need outside help, are in the process of interviewing consultants, or have already retained a web strategy professional, asking some informed questions can make a big difference in your online success. Here are some basic questions that can make a big difference: Can you provide examples of… Continue Reading