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Is Any of this Working?

Posted in Marketing
Years ago (say 2008), most of my conversations with lawyers about the web went something like this: Lawyer: People will never use the internet to hire a lawyer. Me: They already are. Lawyer: Bah, you’re full of it. Now, the conversations are slightly different. Most lawyers “get” the fact that people use the internet, search… Continue Reading

Law Firm SEO Website Marketing Checklist

Posted in Marketing
Have you considered the marketing consequence of your website domain selection? Is the website content and structure properly organized? Is the website’s hosting causing issues with search performance (i.e. speed, location, etc)? Are there any technical issues limiting the site’s performance in search engine results? Are there additional client development campaigns that might be leveraged… Continue Reading

Stop It!

Posted in Marketing
Stop pretending you’re a web designer. Do you have a background in design? Do you have years of experience designing and developing websites for lawyers? For business? For anyone? Stop pretending you do. Stop telling yourself that your sites are “good enough.” Stop using crappy stock legal imagery. Stop blending in with all of the… Continue Reading

15 Internet Marketing Verbs

Posted in Marketing
The internet is an amazing tool for communicating. And we’re still just learning many of the ways that we can use it to do stuff. One area in which the internet has, and continues to, excel is in business development. But in order to take advantage of the internet for your law firm, you have… Continue Reading

On The Florida Bar Guidelines for Networking Sites Approved by The Standing Committee on Advertising

Posted in Ethics, Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites, Marketing
Silly. Child-like. These are just a couple of ways The Florida Bar Guidelines for Networking Sites Approved by The Standing Committee on Advertising have recently been described. And as I wrote in Solely Social or Used to Promote?, they demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding about how we communicate. You see, the Florida Bar would prefer to… Continue Reading

The Role of the Web and Word of Mouth Referrals

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Marketing, Professional Reputation
If you ask most lawyers about their best source of new clients, the overwhelming majority will answer “word of mouth referrals.” Which makes sense. A lawyer develops a relationship with her client, provides great service, and when that client’s friends or family needs a lawyer, the client is motivated to refer people they know to… Continue Reading

Legal Services Consumers & The Internet

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Local, Marketing, Professional Reputation, SEO
In a recent post at SEOmoz, master inbounder, Rand Fishkin made some excellent points on how the internet has changed how people shop for men’s clothing. Since Rand did such a nice job articulating the differences between interruption and inbound marketing, I thought it worth applying these concepts to some ways legal services consumers use… Continue Reading

Links: Think Magnets, Not Hay

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Marketing
In light of Google’s recent “Farmer’s Update”, farming themes have been running rampant throughout the online marketing community. So I figure, what’s one more. If you’ve ever spent any time online (or even using email), someone has probably told you that you need links to your website in order to “rank better in google.”  Next,… Continue Reading

Teaching Is The New Marketing

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Marketing
I’ve been reading a book called Rework by the founders of 37Signals (creators of Basecamp an online project management software).  They have a refreshing view and approach to running a small business. In one section of the book the authors discuss the concept of out-teaching the competition.  The idea is that through education-based marketing, you can… Continue Reading

Biz Dev

Posted in Law Practice Management, Marketing
Great post by Nancy Myrland on the “s” word.  Nancy writes: I’ve been working in legal, professional services and other service-based marketing for a long time. Nowhere is there a stigma against the term “selling” as strong as there is in legal and professional services.  It somehow feels dirty, slimy, something others do, but not… Continue Reading