verbmaster.jpgThe internet is an amazing tool for communicating. And we’re still just learning many of the ways that we can use it to do stuff. One area in which the internet has, and continues to, excel is in business development. But in order to take advantage of the internet for your law firm, you have to actually do. Here are 15 internet marketing verbs to put you in action:

  1. Read – Before we get to the active publishing verbs, we need to spend time with the passive verbs. In order to be most effective online, you should spend a lot of time reading. Find sites and blogs that interest you. Organize them into a fee reader. Consume information on the subjects that both interest you and are relevant to your business.
  2. Listen – You should also find people online that are writing about the things that interest you. Where are these people publishing and discussing? Go to those platforms and follow those discussions.
  3. Write – Writing is probably the single most important internet marketing verb. If you can’t write, there’s not much you can do in terms of contributing online.
  4. Comment – Commenting on the articles/posts of others is a great way to get involved online. Commenting tends to be less time consuming than publishing your own posts. Providing thoughtful comments is one of the best way to begin to build internet recognition.
  5. Update – This means both staying-up-to-date and keeping your online profiles updated. Being an absentee blogger is a surefire way to destroy your readership.
  6. Review – Providing reviews of people, presentations, books, products, software, services, etc can be very valuable content.
  7. Claim – There are many sites where you can claim profiles online. Some of these profiles may conatin incorrect information about you. Making sure that you claim, update and optimize these profiles allows you to monitor and manage your presence and also plays a role in your visibility in search results.
  8. Share – Share your experiences and give your audiences a behind-the-scenes look at your practice. People that find you online will want to see you for who you really are. Sharing pieces of your knowledge, skill and experience is a very powerful way to demonstrate your expertise.
  9. Discuss – The internet is an interactive medium, not just a broadcast medium. Its real power comes from its ability to facilitate dialogue. Engage in disucssions, not just broadcast.
  10. Create – Ultimately, any potential effectiveness that the internet might have in terms of business development depends upon your ability to create “stuff” of value online. Whether it be blog posts, articles, infographics, presentations or something else, you will be judged by the content that you create.
  11. Demonstrate – Using the internet to demonstrate your knowledge, in my opinion, is the key to unlocking the power of the web. People use the internet for research. By demonstrating your knowledge of a particular subject, you can position yourself as the expert. The next time your audience members need an expert of your skill set, they’ll come looking for you.
  12. Answer – One way to demonstrate your knowledge is by answering questions. You can answer questions through a blog post, in a comment thread, or on a Q & A site.
  13. Educate – As a lawyer, you have education and training that non-lawyers don’t. Teaching through the web is another great way to show your mastery of your subject matter.
  14. Entertain – It might be difficult to embrace at first, but providing online entertainment can actually play a significant role in developing business for your law firm. People on the internet have short attention spans. If you’re constantly publishing boring legal content, it will be difficult for you to maintain an audience. Mix in some personality and entertaining content to keep your visitors engaged.
  15. Deliver – There is a demand for information on the internet. Those that are successful using the intenret to develop business know that they must deliver information that supplies that demand. If you’re able to publish in way that demonstrates your expertise and delivers on the demand for information, you will be astonished as to just how effective the internet can be for law practice business development.

Obviously, these are just some basic internet marketing concepts. Where the rubber meets the road is in the excecution.