If you have a law firm website you are using to drive in new leads and revenue, it’s important to make sure you are maximizing conversion on the site.  In other words, you need your visitors to call, email, request a free guide download, etc.  The best way to do this is to make sure that you are effectively using ‘calls to action’ on your site.

What follows are 5 places on your website you should try using a call to action.

1. On The Top Of Your Sidebar

This is one that seems obvious yet is often missing on law firm websites and blogs.  People will enter your site on many different pages.  If they find you through a long tail search result or via a link from a blog, they are most likely going to land on an interior page, not your homepage.  This is why having a call to action at the top of your sidebar is a good idea.  You want to make it very easy for an individual to contact you no matter how they enter your site.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to have the call to action or contact form as the very first thing on your sidebar.  The further down the page it slides, the conversion of the call to action will be effected.

2. After A Post or Article

It’s a good idea to try a call to action at the end of a blog post or article.  However, don’t assume that just inserting “If you have been injured as the result of an accident call us at…..” is the best call to action at the end of the article.  Offer a free guide download relevant to the article or perhaps offer the ability to subscribe to your blog like they do over at the Crime In The Suites blog:


The advantage of using a call to action in this space is that the visitor has just finished reading your entire article so obviously there is a higher level of interest once they reach the end as opposed to a casual browser to the site.  

Additionally, the call to action is directly in line as they read so they aren’t as likely to “miss it” due to banner blindness.  I’d also recommend mixing it up to see if using a call to action with simple text or a graphic like Crime In The Suites uses is more effective.

3. On Your Attorney Profile Page

I’ll bet if you dig into your analytics you’d find that a lot of visitors check out your attorney profile page before making a decision on contacting you.  With that in mind, why not use this as an opportunity to capture a visitor’s attention?

4. Using A Lightbox Pop-Up

This one is a little more controversial because a lot of people think it’s quite annoying. I’d say that this can be quite effective, but it really depends on your audience.  People serving higher-end clientele should probably avoid this type of call to action.  However, for more volume based law firms dealing directly with consumers, this is a good technique to try out.

The lightbox pop-up could include a request to join a newsletter, a free consultation offer, a live chat, etc.

5. Your Website Footer

While not everyone makes it down the end of your page, when it does happen usually they are checking your site out more closesly.  This is why including a call to action in the footer of your website is a good idea.