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Social Media & The Real World

Posted in Networking, Social Media
Think using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn is alienating us from real-world interaction? Think again. In a January 2011 Pew study: 75% of all American adults are active in some kind of voluntary group or organization and internet users are more likely than others to be active: 80% of internet users participate in… Continue Reading

It’s really just the rules of dealing with people in the real world, translated online.

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Legal Technology, Networking
While it’s well-over 2 years old, NYT Small Business writer, Kermit Pattison’s post Managing an Online Reputation, remains one of the most insightful articles on the subject of building and nurturing your business and your professional reputation online: Your customers are talking about you — and the whole world is listening. In the time since… Continue Reading

Social SEO

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Networking, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media
Per usual, very important stuff from Rand Fishkin in Google + Bing Confirm that Twitter/Facebook Influence SEO: As of yesterday, both Bing and Google have confirmed (via an excellent interview by Danny Sullivan) that links shared through Twitter and Facebook have a direct impact on rankings (in addition to the positive second-order effects they may… Continue Reading

Controlling Fear

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Networking
I was reading a post from a blog on evolutionary psychology discussing fear.  In the post, they quote 50 Cent (I know…bear with me) and Robert Greene from their book The 50th Law: In the beginning, fear was a basic, simple emotion for the human animal. We confronted something overwhelming — the imminent threat of… Continue Reading

Who Are You Reading Online?

Posted in Networking
The web is a huge place. And while there is a ton of information, needless to say, not all of it is good, a lot of it is worthless, and some of it is untrue, inaccurate, or flat-out wrong. So, how do you go about finding who/what is worth reading? Ask your sources. It starts… Continue Reading

Blogs About Blogging

Posted in Networking
As you may be realizing, writing for your legal blog is a little different than writing in just about any other media or format.  Part social media and social networking, part online visibility tool, and part soap box, your blog truly is (or at least should be) the cornerstone of your professional presence online.… Continue Reading

How Purchasing An Engagement Ring Changed The Way I Think About Marketing

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Practice Management, Networking
Seth Godin wrote a post the other day entitled Betting on smarter (or betting on dumber).  In the post he explains the following: Marketers fall into one of two categories: A few benefit when they make their customers smarter. The more the people they sell to know, the more informed, inquisitive, free-thinking and alert they are,… Continue Reading