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15 Internet Marketing Verbs

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verbmaster.jpgThe internet is an amazing tool for communicating. And we’re still just learning many of the ways that we can use it to do stuff. One area in which the internet has, and continues to, excel is in business development. But in order to take advantage of the internet for your law firm, you have to actually do. Here are 15 internet marketing verbs to put you in action:

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On The Florida Bar Guidelines for Networking Sites Approved by The Standing Committee on Advertising

Posted in Ethics, Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites, Marketing

SillyChild-like. These are just a couple of ways The Florida Bar Guidelines for Networking Sites Approved by The Standing Committee on Advertising have recently been described.

And as I wrote in Solely Social or Used to Promote?, they demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding about how we communicate.

You see, the Florida Bar would prefer to look at communications by lawyers on social networking sites as fitting into neat little boxes.

In one box, they would put communications by lawyer “solely for social purposes, to maintain social contact with family and close friends.” These they suggest are not subject to the lawyer advertising rules.

In a second box, they would put “pages appearing on networking sites that are used to promote the lawyer or law firm’s practice.” These they suggest are subject to the lawyer advertising rules.

And while some communications by lawyers may fit neatly into one of the two boxes, of course we know that the overwhelming majority of communications will include social purposes, as well as, promotional purposes.

But even if we recognize that communications are intended to convey a variety of meanings, there’s really another question here. Should the intent of the communication be the distinguishing factor?

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Are You A Gorilla or a Guerrilla?

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO


Gorillas are the largest extant species of primates. Adult males, also called silverbacks, range in height 1.65–1.75 metres (5 ft 5 in–5 ft 9 in), and in weight 140–200 kg (310–440 lb). Occasionally, a silverback of over 1.8 metres (5 ft 11 in) and 230 kg (510 lb) has been recorded in the wild. Obese gorillas in captivity have reached a weight of 270 kg (600 lb).

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The Role of the Web and Word of Mouth Referrals

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Marketing, Professional Reputation

If you ask most lawyers about their best source of new clients, the overwhelming majority will answer “word of mouth referrals.” Which makes sense. A lawyer develops a relationship with her client, provides great service, and when that client’s friends or family needs a lawyer, the client is motivated to refer people they know to the lawyer.

And before the internet, the person who was referred was likely to call or visit the lawyer to inquire about retaining the lawyer’s services.

And as part of that inquiry, that prospective client would be likely to ask the lawyer about her experience, maybe her background, and probably a bunch of specific questions about their specific legal matter.

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Legal Services Consumers & The Internet

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Local, Marketing, Professional Reputation, SEO

In a recent post at SEOmoz, master inbounder, Rand Fishkin made some excellent points on how the internet has changed how people shop for men’s clothing.

Since Rand did such a nice job articulating the differences between interruption and inbound marketing, I thought it worth applying these concepts to some ways legal services consumers use the internet to when they think they need a lawyer.

Here’s a recent television commercial I saw here in Chicago:

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What You Should Expect From Your Web Strategist

Posted in Professional Reputation, SEO

Are you working with a web strategy consultant? Do you know what they should be doing? Do you know what they are actually doing?

When it comes to web strategy, for most legal professionals, there is a huge knowledge gap. This is at least part of the reason that terms like “search engine optimizer” or “SEO” have become synonymous with snake oil. But whether you call it SEO, web strategy, or internet marketing consulting, the fact is that there are a lot of reasons why working with a web strategy consultant can make a lot of sense.

Choosing to retain the services of a web strategy consultant is a decision that should be made with care after understanding some basics about how people use the web and search engines.

While hiring the right partner can improve the effectiveness of your web properties, as well as, help you save time, hiring the wrong partner can result in a big waste of money and even cause damage to both your website and your professional reputation.

But what should a web strategist be hired to do and how does someone distinguish between the right and wrong partner?

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How Long Does It Take to Get Google Rankings?

Posted in Search Engine Optimization, SEO

time-for-google-rankings.pngOne of my favorite places to get inspiration for new blog posts is from our organic search traffic. Recently, one of our visitors landed on AttorneySync for the search “how long does it take to get google rankings.” And like most other things, the answer is that it depends.

Let’s assume your register a new domain, set up a new shared hosting account, and launch a website or blog for your law firm. As far as the search engines are considered, you’re brand new to the web.

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Extracting Value Out Of Your Work

Posted in Law Practice Management

I came across this interesting video from Dan Ariely.

The video discusses how we derive meaning from the work that we do.  More specifically, it points out that without a sense of growth, purpose, and progress work is unmeaningful and people become disenfranchised.

It’s always been my belief that motivation fades quickly when you are performing work just for the sake of it.  I have experienced this in my own career and it contributed to my desire to start my own business.  Feeling like you are making progress each day, whether it’s personal growth or literal progress with a task, is important to a sense of professional well-being.

Do you feel that much of your time is spent on work that is unmeaningful or unnecessary?  If so, do you think it effects your ability to stay motivated or do you find other outlets to stay focused?

Me On The Web: Google’s Tool For Online Reputation Management

Posted in Professional Reputation

A lawyer’s professional reputation is critically important and managing your reputation online can be cumbersome if you aren’t using the proper tools.  Fortunately, Google has created a tool to help streamline management of your reputation online.  It’s called Me On The Web and it’s accessible from your dashboard when you login to your Google profile.

How To Access Me On The Web

To access Me On The Web, you’ll want to visit the Google dashboard and login to your Google account.  From here you’ll see the section Me On The Web right underneath your account details.

me on the web.JPG

What Can I Do With Me On The Web?

In Google’s own words:

However, your online identity is determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you — whether a mention in a blog post, a photo tag or a reply to a public status update. When someone searches for your name on a search engine like Google, the results that appear are a combination of information you’ve posted and information published by others.

Today we’ve released a new tool to help make it easier to monitor your identity on the web and to provide easy access to resources describing ways to control what information is on the web.

The first thing you’ll notice, on the left hand side, is a list of links you’ve added to your Google Profile (if you haven’t yet setup a Google Profile I strongly recommend you take the time to do so).

google profile links.JPG

On the right hand side, you’ll see several links including a link to setup a Google Alert for your name and email.

me on the web right side.JPG

Once you click the link, a box will appear that allows you to easily register to receive alerts each time a mention of your name or email appears on the web.


The remaining links provide access to resources including how to manage your online identity and how to remove unwanted content and the associated search results.

It’s important that you understand how to monitor mentions of your name on the web and take action to respond appropriately should the need arise.  These resources will help to streamline that process.