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Choosing A Domain Name For Your Law Firm

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites, Search Engine Optimization
Choosing a domain name is an important decision when setting up your website.  The domain you choose has far reaching implications extending from your visibility in search results to your use of the domain in offline advertising and marketing.  Unlike in the offline, brick-and-mortar world, websites don’t offer any visual cues about what exactly they… Continue Reading

Down On The Farm

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Firm Websites, Professional Reputation, Search Engine Optimization
Green Acres we are here! Have you been content farming? Your website (and professional reputation) may be suffering. If you follow what’s going on in the world of search engine marketing, you likely have heard something about Google’s Recent Panda-Farmers-Content Update: Many of the changes we make are so subtle that very few people notice… Continue Reading

Client Review Sites

Posted in Law Practice Management, Local, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media
As the web and search engines continue to become more local and social, more and more small business owners are understanding the benefits of online customer reviews. Online customer reviews can serve as the difference-maker for consumers in choosing between products and services online. Further, these online reviews are playing an increasing role in search… Continue Reading

Law Firm Testimonials And Law Firm SEO

Posted in Ethics, Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Practice Management, Local, Search Engine Optimization
Law firm testimonials are becoming much more important to effective law firm seo. As search engines and the web become more and more local and social, client ratings, reviews, and testimonials play an increasingly important role in terms of building visibility online. But how can legal professionals increase the quality and quantity of online reviews?… Continue Reading

Social SEO

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Networking, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media
Per usual, very important stuff from Rand Fishkin in Google + Bing Confirm that Twitter/Facebook Influence SEO: As of yesterday, both Bing and Google have confirmed (via an excellent interview by Danny Sullivan) that links shared through Twitter and Facebook have a direct impact on rankings (in addition to the positive second-order effects they may… Continue Reading

Let Search Suggest Keywords For Your Law Firm

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
Finding the right keywords for your law firm is one of the foundational components to successful web strategy. While brainstorming, talking to clients, and using the Google Keyword Tool are all great places to start, going beyond these tools can provide a competitive advantage in terms targeting search phrases for which there is volume and… Continue Reading

SEO Doesn’t Create Demand For Your Legal Services

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Law Practice Management, Search Engine Optimization
photo © 2008 | more info (via: Wylio) I was speaking with an attorney last week that had called to inquire about SEO services for his firm.  His firm concentrated mostly on bankruptcy and debt issues.  He was tired of the bankruptcy work and wanted to move into a much more specialized, “new” niche… Continue Reading

Questions To Ask Your Law Firm SEO Consultant

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Legal Technology, Search Engine Optimization, SEO
Whether you are trying to decide whether you need outside help, are in the process of interviewing consultants, or have already retained a web strategy professional, asking some informed questions can make a big difference in your online success. Here are some basic questions that can make a big difference: Can you provide examples of… Continue Reading

Google Experimenting With Local Results On Generic Search Terms

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
I’ve read that at any given time, Google is running hundreds of experiments with various search results.  Sometimes you notice one of these experiments in the wild.  It’s interesting to analyze such an experiment and consider where Google might be headed with it’s search results. It’s no secret that Google Places, or the Google 7-Pack,… Continue Reading

Developing A Link Target Strategy

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
While accessing link networks can be very effective in terms of building your law firm’s web presence, developing, organizing, and managing a comprehensive link building strategy is essential to increasing your visibility for higher volume, more competitive search phrases.  Generally speaking, you should identify high-quality domains that are relevant to your practice and location. In… Continue Reading

Law Firm Link Networks & Strategic Link Building

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
In the unequal democracy of search engines, links to a website are votes for that website. Therefore, getting a quantity of quality links to your website and/or blog, should be a large part of your web strategy. However, it’s important to understand that not all links are equal. Likewise, it’s also very important to recognize… Continue Reading

Don’t Be A Bull In The Google Places China Shop

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Local, Search Engine Optimization
Increasing visibility in Google Places is, or at least should be, on the minds small business owners, including legal professionals. Unfortunately, Google Places isn’t the most user-friendly service that Google provides. In fact, it can be a nightmare. We’ve heard several horror stories about high visibility Google Places listings completely disappearing into local listing obscurity.… Continue Reading

If You Write It, They May Not Come

Posted in Search Engine Optimization
It seems like everywhere you look, someone is arguing that “Content is king” online.  However, the “if you write it, they will come” mantra fails much more frequently than it succeeds. Last week, I received an email from a legal professional who has been blogging for several years.  He bought into the “Content is king”… Continue Reading

Google Places Changes Could Impact Your Law Firm’s Search Visibility

Posted in Local, Search Engine Optimization
Earlier this month, Linda Buquet of Catalyst eMarketing made an interesting discovery with regard to some testing Google is doing with its local search results.  While these tests currently appear to be in only the experimental stage, as you will see, if these changes go “google-wide” they may have a significant impact in your law… Continue Reading