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Better Lawyer Blogging

Posted in Blogging, SEO
By now, you should know how well blogs can work for lawyers. It should also be fairly obvious that “how well they work” depends on how “good they are.” You’ve probably heard the, “if you write, they will come” crowd preaching online publishing for years now. Honestly, this is pretty crappy advice. Not because it’s… Continue Reading

Law Firm SEO Analytics Shortcut

Posted in SEO
Use this Google Analytics shortcut to better understand the effectiveness of your law firm’s SEO activities. Let’s assume you run a local consumer-facing (PI, criminal, bankruptcy, etc) law practice. Let’s further assume that at least some of your business comes from people who use search engines to find lawyers like you. If you’re responsible for… Continue Reading

Actionable SEO Dashboards for Lawyers

Posted in SEO
Do you monitor the web analytics for your law firm? What dashboards have you created? Here are some thoughts on creating actionable SEO dashboards in Google Analytics that will better help you understand the meaningful traffic to your site(s) and blog(s).… Continue Reading

Building Authority

Posted in SEO
Authority Machine Let’s say you’re researching something related to a legal matter. As a lawyer, you probably do this all the time. You research case law and statutes. Depending on the task, you might turn to another lawyer you hold in high-esteem. You might refer to a treatise on the subject. You might hire a… Continue Reading

Law Firm SEO Services and Rankings

Posted in SEO
Avoid law firm seo services that guarantee rankings.No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page… Continue Reading

Leave a Review, Win a Prize!

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, SEO
If attracting visitors from local search results is part of your legal marketing strategy, you probably know the importance of acquiring positive reviews on your Google+ Local Pages. Which may lead you to conclude that you should solicit Google+ endorsements from clients and colleagues. Of course, most lawyers are limited as to how they can… Continue Reading

Legal Services Consumers & The Internet

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Local, Marketing, Professional Reputation, SEO
In a recent post at SEOmoz, master inbounder, Rand Fishkin made some excellent points on how the internet has changed how people shop for men’s clothing. Since Rand did such a nice job articulating the differences between interruption and inbound marketing, I thought it worth applying these concepts to some ways legal services consumers use… Continue Reading

Questions To Ask Your Law Firm SEO Consultant

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, Legal Technology, Search Engine Optimization, SEO
Whether you are trying to decide whether you need outside help, are in the process of interviewing consultants, or have already retained a web strategy professional, asking some informed questions can make a big difference in your online success. Here are some basic questions that can make a big difference: Can you provide examples of… Continue Reading

The Case For Optimization

Posted in Law Firm Internet Marketing, SEO
To optimize or not to optimize, that is the question discussed in Kevin O’keefe’s The non-optimized law blog.  Or is it?  When the title first appeared in my reader, I thought, is Kevin really telling lawyers not to optimize their law blogs?  But on further review, I took his post to contain a different meaning.… Continue Reading